Renewables in Argentina Event

Argentina National Day - Residence of the Argentine Ambassador in London

25 May 2018

B20 update: High-level breakfast roundtable for an update on the current progress of B20 taskforces

25 May 2018 - BT Tower - BACC/ICC/CCAB

Farmers Club - Agri-Business - Brexit implications for the industry - 24 May 2018

Visit to Barfoots - BACC/CCAB - 23 May 2018

Argentina-UK Partners for Growth: 22 May 2018 - CCAB Trade Mission

José Luis Morea, Undersecretary PPP, Tomas Dramandrail, National Director of Executive Coordination PPP

Networking , President Energy - 22 May

Peter Levine, Chairman and CEO of President Energy

Guest speaker Marcos Porteau, Undersecretary of Energy and Mining, and Argentine Ambassador, Carlos Sersale di Cerisano.

Laura Jaitman, Argentine Finance Deputy

Priorities of the Finance Track under the G20 Argentine Presidency, and other issues on the legacy agenda.

At Verisk Maplecroft/ Wood Mackenzie - 26 MARCH

B20: The Future of Jobs and Growth - 17 March - London

The International Chamber of Commerce UK, BACC, the CCAB and The Friends of E-Commerce for Development, gathered 45 guests: Ministers of Trade, Ambassadors, Sherpas, and other local and foreign government officials, CEOs and the Business Community in Buenos Aires. 11th December

How can argentine companies expand in uk

By Vistra

G20B20 Round Table - Houses of Parliament -

22 November 2017

Wine Tasting at Middle Temple - September 2017